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Upstairs Bathroom Leak Causes Downstairs Problems

 Most of us have more than one bathroom.  This home happened to have a faulty toilet that overflowed and kept running, causing major damage downstairs... READ MORE

Wet Carpets At Work? No Problem!

When you have a water leak in the building, no matter how small or big, you should call SERVPRO of Southwest Portland to get your office back in no time at all.... READ MORE

Looks Small....Turns Out Big

When you see what looks like a little water on your ceiling, it most likely is a lot larger than you realize.  That is when you call SERVPRO of Southwest P... READ MORE

Winter Ice Dams Cause Big Problems

The owners of this home returned one day to find that an ice dam had backed up and caused water damage in the front entry of their home.  Once they realize... READ MORE

Plumbing Fixtures Can Fail

This home was the unlucky subject of a plumbing fixture failure.  The toilet supply line came apart, causing a major water damage in 2 floors of the home. ... READ MORE

Tree Falls On Roof

Oregon certainly has high winds, the winter can be especially brutal with the rain added.  This home was the unlucky recipient of a large tree branch that ... READ MORE

High Winds Blow Shingles Off Roof

High winds can cause damages in so many ways.  This home had just a few shingles blown off, however the damage to the inside of the home was far worse. &nb... READ MORE

Appliance Malfunction Portland OR

Some more of the same mess

Garage electrical malfunction Portland OR

Walls cleaned after a electrical fire

Walls and ceilings in Progress Portland OR

Cleaning contrast before and after in progress