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You guys did a very good job of doing minimal demolition and saved us a bunch so I really appreciate that. Thank You.

We found a bit of mold in our bathroom and made the call to SERVPRO. It was amazing to watch true professionals, keep up the great work.

Kevin was excellent.  He was extremely professional and helpful.  I would request him and SERVPRO if something like this ever happened in the future.  

SERVPRO of Southwest Portland was able to come to our office complex and save our building from a flood that covered all five floors. 

With the help of SERVPRO we were able to get our home back to live in conditions quickly.  The mold was growing rapidly and they responded quickly to get to work. Thank you!

We had a great experience.  The work required took more then we could handle on our own.  We were referred to by a co worker and we would recommend to any of our own.  Thank you!

Long story short I have a short-term property and discovered there was a leak to my basement which lead to the 3rd floor bathroom. I quickly hit up a plumber and they said we would have to rip out the wall to see where the leak is. I then gave my insurance Farmers a call and talked to my agent Linda Elliot which she recommended me to SERVPRO of Southwest and called them for me as well. Within minutes SERVPRO called me back and sent out a worker within 30minutes. Wow. Melinda Yorba was my SERVPRO contractor and she was absolutely amazing. She used a device that detected water and we both soon discovered that it was a cracked joint on the base floor. Within about 15 minutes she helped solved my problem and now I can save hundreds even thousands instead of ripping my wall apart to find the leak. I am a happy customer! Thank you Linda and SERVPRO - Melinda

I thought a small fire ruined my family Bible. Luckily you were able to removal all the soot from it. Many thanks for the great work!

The techs were prompt and got right to work. They were pleasant and knowledgeable. It was a great experience in a bad situation.

Highly recommend.   Called the office and got a call back from Daniel within 20 minutes....he was there shortly thereafter and has taken care of everything since then professionally and friendly.  Follows up consistently and cares about the work that is done. The accent is just a bonus.

We had a car crash into our building, like through the wall, and into the building. SERVPRO showed up quickly, handled all the cleanup, and boarded everything up securely. So glad they were there for us!

Everyone who came by was very professional, and also very patient with my kids asking them a thousand questions! Especially Kevin. Thanks for making a stressful situation less so.

Providers Department 1 review

Dawn Sahms and her team at SERVPRO, in Southwest Portland, are outstanding. If you have a broken pipe or some leakage in your house, or any kind of fire damage or biohazard, Dawn Sahms is the one to call.

I have her number in my phone, on speed dial, should an issue occur. They'll be there within no time and can save you literally thousands in otherwise irreparable damage. Dawn really cares about the people she works with. She has a great personal touch and is available 24-7 to take your call.

You can't go wrong with SERVPRO, they know what they're doing and they've been in the business a long time.

Highly recommended.

Ted Jackson 3 reviews

5 days ago- Incredible service by Daniel, Jose', and the rest of the team. Flooded basement was quickly pumped out and dried. Damaged files were salvaged. Thanks guys!

Excellent service every time. Courteous and professional. Job gets done right the first time.

Daniel and his team are simply phenomenal!  It's refreshing to have a locally owned business that provides such a high level of service and quality to each customized job.  I refer all of my friends and family for any fire, water, mold and biohazard clean up.

In the rush to get things ready for Christmas, I didn't think it would be possible to complete the job and provide time for the restoration. Your crew was wonderful and we are pleased with the efforts and your work.

I could not have imagined getting my fire damage repaired would be so easy. Thank You!

SERVPRO of Southwest Portland. Your team has made my mold problem disappear! I couldn't be happier with the results! 

Thank You,


Dear Daniel , Melinda, Randy,

Thank you so much for taking care of our water damage to our business Oblation Papers & Press. 

Perhaps you read in our faces that we now crave a little spa therapy after our adventure. 

Our renovations are coming along quickly. We hope to start construction in 6-8 weeks, So it will not be long before we can have you all back over for the grand re-opening. 

In the meantime take care.

Our Best,

Kara , David and most of all Annie Hopkins

I wanted to give you some feedback on Melinda Yorba and how she helped me. 

I have a form of chemotherapy that makes me sick to my stomach a lot. When the water leaked into the apartment in my basement it became a serious problem. My handyman was really busy. He told me to call SERVPRO. I looked up and found the Southwest location of SERVPRO and called your office. Melinda Yorba came to my house to assess the damage. Literally from the moment she arrived and spoke to me, I knew it was going to be okay. She really knows what she is talking about. 

Having been a working woman for 25 years, working with lots of different kinds of Oregon business people, I have a sense of who I can trust to do a good job. Immediately I knew I could trust Melinda. She took care of the job and was very helpful explaining things to me. 

Thank You. 

I had a big sewer pipe leak in the crawlspace. Called SERVPRO and they came and gave me an estimate pronto. I scheduled them for the work and was so impressed. They were on time, communicated every step of the way and even came by after hours to check on the drying process. Everyone on the crew was professional and courteous. Shout out to Dan for a great job done.

Condo trashed by renter, total smoke damage on purpose, a total re do which required cleaning every surface. I called Daniel and he took it from there, from beginning to end.
What great service!
We are almost back on the market and many thanks to Daniel and his team.

We came home from work one evening to find our front yard flooded. It turned out that our irrigation system had ruptured where it intersected with our main water line. We called SERVPRO and they were on site within 30 minutes. Daniel was able to stop the flow of water and assess the damage to our home. Unfortunately, our entire crawlspace had flooded with over 10k gallons of water. Daniel was able to setup pumps that cleared the water overnight. His team then came back twice over the next week to ensure that we were dry and to help us identify which contractors we should reach out to in order to repair the damage. Thankfully, the damage was minimal! We are so thankful that SERVPRO exists and extra thankful that Daniel and his crew were friendly and calming during a stressful time for our family.

Thank you for stopping by today to check in on the job that SERVPRO did for us recently when we had our drinking fountain flood. I would like to take this opportunity to let you to know how impressed I was with SERVPRO of Southwest Portland. The team arrive shortly after we discovered the flood and they immediately got to work to ensure that the water from the flood was cleaned up quickly and that drying took place effectively to reduce the water damage. Communication was open and my questions were answered with clarity. I appreciated the SERVPRO team working with the insurance adjustor and contractors to make sure that our job was completed by the time our school needed to be back in session.       Kind regards,

Sharilyn Smith   Principal Rivergate Adventist Elementary

Highly recommend.   Called the office and got a call back from Daniel within 20 minutes....he was there shortly thereafter and has taken care of everything since then professionally and friendly.  Follows up consistently and cares about the work that is done. The accent is just a bonus.

We were totally overwhelmed, the basement was totally awash, and they were totally calming, comforting and efficient. From the moment they arrived, we knew we were in good hands, and they did a fantastic job, saving everything that could be saved, giving excellent advice and encouragement, keeping us informed and leaving us ready to move on. Thank you!

We had a plumbing disaster in an upstairs bedroom...water raining down through the ceiling, down the steps all the way into the basement.  We called our insurance and they immediately said they would send SERVPRO over.  Living in the hills, our road was unplowed and there were several stuck cars but, that did not stop Daniel and his team from getting to our house.  Two sets of tire chains and they were up our hill and at our house!  They immediately assessed the damage and set up their drying system on our wood floors, plugged in dehumidifiers and took samples for asbestos testing.  Once the test results came back they were able to set up fans to help with the drying system.  Throughout the week, Daniel and his crew of Charlie, Haley, Randy and Melinda came by every day to check on the drying process, remove drywall and carpet. Each time before they left, they always cleaned up and, even when the roads were heavy with snow and ice, they still managed to get to us.  Now, we are in the process of getting bids on the work needing to be done.  However, we are very pleased with the initial care and work that SERVPRO SW did and we are hopeful they managed to rescue our flooring from further damage.  I am sure we will continue to have contact throughout the restoration process, but, thank you Daniel and all at SERVPRO!  You put our minds at ease during a frantic, stressful time in our house and you took care of us as if it were your home.

Highly recommend.   Called the office and got a call back from Daniel within 20 minutes....he was there shortly thereafter and has taken care of everything since then professionally and friendly.  Follows up consistently and cares about the work that is done. The accent is just a bonus.

SERVPRO of Southwest Portland is the only SERVPRO i refer my customers to Daniel at SERVPRO of SW Portland when they need attic inspections for potential mold issues due to inadequate ventilation. He calls the customer quickly and is very prompt with his inspection and follow-up estimate if mold remediation is needed. He is honest with the customer to explain the extent of the problem and what the options are to fix it. I always get good comments back from my customers after meeting with Daniel and using SERVPRO.

I highly recommend SERVPRO of SW Portland. We had water damage in our guest bathroom and they quickly took care of the problem and we now have a beautiful new tile floor! We also had water damage and asbestos tiles in our basement and they took care of everything. Our basement looks as good as new!

SERVPRO SW Portland is a life saver...I had a devastating fire at my business and they quickly, responsibly, professionally stepped up and with great care and patience help us get to a place where we could move forward! They have been and continue to be with us whenever and wherever we need them! I can't recommend them enough. I hope you will not need them but if you need such a service, this is the place to call.

Daniel and his team provided reliable, professional remediation after I had water damage from a condo above me. Highly recommended!

Thanks to Daniel and his crew for an awesome job in cleaning up a big mess from a sewage leak under my house. They kept me informed on the progress of the work, were courtesy and prompt Daniel even stopped by at 8 pm one evening to check on the equipment being used to dry out the space. Even got a brand new vapor barrier to boot. I am very happy that I chose this company to do the work. So pleased with the results!

I called SERVPRO of Southwest Portland and was greeted by Daniel who not only vacuumed up all the water but left a wonderful fan that dry the carpet in a very short period of time.

Given that I have allergies to mold, it was imperative that the flood is taking care of in a very short period of time. I gave these review five stars because it's rare to have such great customer service. I highly recommend SERVPRO Southwest Portland.

These guys are superheroes! We came home to a foot of water in our basement late one afternoon, and SERVPRO of Southwest Portland was our first phone call. Despite the late hour, Melinda, Randy, T, and Daniel were on site within 45 minutes and took charge of correcting what, for us, was a major calamity. They could not have been more invested in the results if it had been their own homes that flooded. It is clear that the SERVPRO folks take great pride in the service that they provide.

SERVPRO of Southwest Portland, we are very grateful for your help and for being so professional yet so personal. Thank you.

Will definitely recommend SERVPRO of Southwest Portland to friends. Great service!

They did and amazing job and went above and beyond what I thought could be done.

SERVPRO came out to help me during the rainstorm last December. Being a homeowner, it was a very stressful time for me, but the team was wonderful. Daniel and his crew were responsive, respectful, polite, and did a great job! I am so thankful for the work that you did. I highly recommend them!

SERVPRO came to the rescue after a leak under my bathroom sink ruined my vanity and floor. Melinda was amazing throughout the dry out process and checked in after the repairs were complete. I highly recommend this team!!!!

We had a car crash into our building, like through the wall, and into the building. SERVPRO showed up quickly, handled all the cleanup, and boarded everything up securely. So glad they were there for us!

I didn't have any direct damage related issues, but I needed someone to help me with asbestos abatement so that we could start our renovation project immediately. I tried 11-other abatement services before calling SERVPRO for help. Daniel is the most friendly and helpful person. He was kind and thoughtful and referred me to his asbestos abatement contact. I would most likely use SERVPRO of SW Portland, because of my excellent customer service experience with Daniel.

I could not be more impressed with Daniel and the SERVPRO team. I had a major flood with sewage in my basement and they took care of absolutely everything efficiently, thoroughly and quickly. I happened to be leaving town the day after it happened and they took care of everything so I had peace of mind on my trip. On my return I met the team in person and was even more impressed with how pleasant and professional everyone was. Having never gone through this before I wasn't sure what to do but they took care of everything including communicating with my insurance company and the environmental group for asbestos removal. I wish there was a rating higher than five stars!

I had water damage in my kitchen from the upstairs neighbor. Though I didn't contact SERVPRO of Southwest Portland directly, the general contractor I hired did. And I am really glad for it. Daniel and the team were knowledgeable and very professional. They answered all my questions and even provided additional information that I didn't think of. If the need ever arises, I will definitely be using them again.

Insurance coverage is limited for flooding related to sump pumps.  We estimated our out-of-pocket expense could have been in excess of $30,000 to replace the carpeting, pad and much of the furniture.  Due to the efficiency of Daniel Spark and his SERVPRO of Southwest Portland employees,  all furniture was saved and our insurance covered nearly the entire cost of their services.

Daniel Spark and his staff are competent, efficient and operate with integrity.  We have high expectations when hiring professionals.  Our expectations were far surpassed.

Daniel and the SERVPRO team were very knowledgeable and easy to work with. They made a difficult experience as manageable as humanly possible. Best of all, they were very dog friendly. I definitely recommend them.