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Water Damage Testimonials

You guys did a very good job of doing minimal demolition and saved us a bunch so I really appreciate that. Thank You.

Ted Jackson 3 reviews

5 days ago- Incredible service by Daniel, Jose', and the rest of the team. Flooded basement was quickly pumped out and dried. Damaged files were salvaged. Thanks guys!

We came home from work one evening to find our front yard flooded. It turned out that our irrigation system had ruptured where it intersected with our main water line. We called SERVPRO and they were on site within 30 minutes. Daniel was able to stop the flow of water and assess the damage to our home. Unfortunately, our entire crawlspace had flooded with over 10k gallons of water. Daniel was able to setup pumps that cleared the water overnight. His team then came back twice over the next week to ensure that we were dry and to help us identify which contractors we should reach out to in order to repair the damage. Thankfully, the damage was minimal! We are so thankful that SERVPRO exists and extra thankful that Daniel and his crew were friendly and calming during a stressful time for our family.

We had a plumbing disaster in an upstairs bedroom...water raining down through the ceiling, down the steps all the way into the basement.  We called our insurance and they immediately said they would send SERVPRO over.  Living in the hills, our road was unplowed and there were several stuck cars but, that did not stop Daniel and his team from getting to our house.  Two sets of tire chains and they were up our hill and at our house!  They immediately assessed the damage and set up their drying system on our wood floors, plugged in dehumidifiers and took samples for asbestos testing.  Once the test results came back they were able to set up fans to help with the drying system.  Throughout the week, Daniel and his crew of Charlie, Haley, Randy and Melinda came by every day to check on the drying process, remove drywall and carpet. Each time before they left, they always cleaned up and, even when the roads were heavy with snow and ice, they still managed to get to us.  Now, we are in the process of getting bids on the work needing to be done.  However, we are very pleased with the initial care and work that SERVPRO SW did and we are hopeful they managed to rescue our flooring from further damage.  I am sure we will continue to have contact throughout the restoration process, but, thank you Daniel and all at SERVPRO!  You put our minds at ease during a frantic, stressful time in our house and you took care of us as if it were your home.

Daniel and his team provided reliable, professional remediation after I had water damage from a condo above me. Highly recommended!

SERVPRO came to the rescue after a leak under my bathroom sink ruined my vanity and floor. Melinda was amazing throughout the dry out process and checked in after the repairs were complete. I highly recommend this team!!!!

I could not be more impressed with Daniel and the SERVPRO team. I had a major flood with sewage in my basement and they took care of absolutely everything efficiently, thoroughly and quickly. I happened to be leaving town the day after it happened and they took care of everything so I had peace of mind on my trip. On my return I met the team in person and was even more impressed with how pleasant and professional everyone was. Having never gone through this before I wasn't sure what to do but they took care of everything including communicating with my insurance company and the environmental group for asbestos removal. I wish there was a rating higher than five stars!

Insurance coverage is limited for flooding related to sump pumps.  We estimated our out-of-pocket expense could have been in excess of $30,000 to replace the carpeting, pad and much of the furniture.  Due to the efficiency of Daniel Spark and his SERVPRO of Southwest Portland employees,  all furniture was saved and our insurance covered nearly the entire cost of their services.

Daniel Spark and his staff are competent, efficient and operate with integrity.  We have high expectations when hiring professionals.  Our expectations were far surpassed.