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Water Damage Testimonials

Deshawn was very considerate & efficient & easy to work with.
Super nice guy who did his thing!

DeShawn, Debbie, Andre, Chris, Lucas, April, Jermaine and Gio. Team was well managed and responsive. Detail oriented. DeShawn is highly capable project manager.

Deshawn was an excellent communicator, quick thinking and extremely efficient. He has strong leadership skills, I would only have good words for the CSR Shawn on the job. Also his team on site Debbie, Andre, Brendon, Shannon, Gio, Jorge, Shelia, Lucas, Jermaine, Makayla, Juan and David did an amazing job and attention to care for my home and belongings unmatched. I would highly recommend SERVPRO of Southwest Portland.

Great team! Jorge, Sheila, and Cris were very helpful. They were quick and friendly and answered any questions I had. Made me feel so much better to have them ensure the space was clean, dry and safe for my kiddos!

Deshawn , very helpful, friendly informative , patient and knowledgeable.

April, Gio, Sheila, Chris, Jermaine, Liam, David and Juan were all wonderful to work with! Thanks so much!

Deshawn and Lucas came out and performed an inspection of suspected water damage. The inspection was very thorough and gave us a good understanding of our problem. We now have a plan on how to move forward. Would highly recommend.

Deshawn,Chris and Andre. I appreciate the honesty and professionalism from the team and CSR's on site. Very punctual and hard working technicians. Would recommend this team!

DeShawn and Dayzha great person to work with. I give a 10+

April, Jermaine, Andre, Sheila, Jorge, Gio, Cris all worked on my house. April, Jermanine and Andre came immediately to make sure everything got dried as soon as possible. April explained what needed to be done and over the next days the whole team made sure it happened. They were all courteous, kind and utterly competent. I appreciate it so much. It’s hard to put into words how much it means to me to feel that my home is being cared for in such an emergency by people knowledgeable people who care about doing the job right. Thank you!

Deshawn, Andre, Chris, Jermaine and Shelia were polite, responsive and professional. They got the work done quickly and we were grateful.

DeShawn, Andre, Chris, Jose and Debbie are absolutely professional and provided great service. Had a flood overnight and they came within a couple hours to begin the process. DeShawn was very respectful and informative. More work to be done, would highly recommended this team. Thanks SERVPRO of SW Portland.

Deshawn and his SERVPRO of SW Portland on-site team (Chris and André) who were working at my place doing water damage remediation were great! Deshawn and made sure the remediation process was as easy and hassle free as possible for me. I really appreciate how much he stepped in to offer assistance with my questions and to support me in being able to keep things moving to resolution in a very timely manner. (Debbie and April, who were filling in for Deshawn one day, were also an absolute delight! Great job on the tips for beefing up the barrier, ladies!)

Everyone on the crew helping me was
very polite, very courteous, very respectful,
very supportive, responsive, friendly, and thorough. I appreciated having peace of mind that things would be taken care of the first, and only, time. Many thanks to you all!

Deshawn was great! Helped me out and was very responsive!

DeShawn, Chris, Jorge, Jermaine, Brendon and Juan were very polite helpful and provided status and next steps daily. Respectful of time and property. Notified when arriving and departing. Worked quickly to complete the work.

DeShawn and his crew, Chris and Andre are amazing—not just skilled but also kind. The entire process will probably take a week so there’s lots to do. I am confident that the professionalism will continue until my home is completely restored. Being on my own, I’m am so grateful to feel taken care of.

Jose helped me with a damaged vanity and was totally professional. recommended

The SERVPRO team was incredible! They did an amazing job in our time of need. Our basement flooded! Very helpful, understanding, hard working, clean, friendly and professional! Jose and his team! Rockstars! Thank you Chris, Phillip, Andre and Jermaine! Our flooded basement was saved by your awesome and professional hard-work. You all made a huge difference in the recovery and saving of our beautiful basement! Highly recommended company and crew! The best team you can get when an emergency happens! They will be there for you and with a smile and great attitude! Thank you. - Alejandro and Megan

Excellent experience. Very accommodating. Highly recommend them.

Jose, Chris, Jorge Debbie and Dorene were all great and very professional and were extremely flexible to help out with any water damage we experience Joses professionalism is second to none thanks Josr and all!

After a pipe broke and we had water damage across multiple rooms and floors, we immediately called SERVPRO and they came in less than two hours in addition to referring us to a great after hours plumber. DeShawn was an absolute lifesaver and helped not only with handling the clean up but also what to expect with the whole restoration process. I can’t imagine going through this without him! The whole team was professional, and additional thanks to Brendon, Jermaine, Andre, Philip, Debbie and Juan. They helped get our house back in livable shape!

Deshawn, Debbie, Brendon, Andre and Jermaine are great and professional and very thoughtful to work with at my house and I would definitely recommend them to family and friends.

Had a huge water leak from an upstairs unit into my condo. Deshawn, Debbie, Andre, Jermaine and Richard came out Saturday night and worked long into Sunday morning to perform water mitigation at my condo and did a great job. Very responsive, informative and professional. Their work saved a lot of money in the long run since they minimized the damage. Would recommend SW SERVPRO of Portland again for future needs.

Deshawn, Debbie, Jermaine, Richard and Andre did a great job with our condo’s water mitigation. They were respectful of our home and provided clear and open communication throughout the process.

Deshawn, Debbie, Jermaine, Chris, Richard, Gio, Juan
Did a great job.

Hey there, folks! I just had to give a big shoutout to Jermaine and Deshawn from SERVPRO for being absolute lifesavers when it came to our water damage situation. These guys went above and beyond to help us out, and I couldn't be happier with their service.

From the get-go, Jermaine and Deshawn were on the ball. They showed up in no time, ready to tackle the water damage like pros. Not only were they super quick to respond, but they were also incredibly friendly and understanding, which was a huge relief during such a stressful time.

I was seriously impressed by their knowledge and expertise. These guys knew their stuff! They carefully assessed the damage, explained everything in plain English, and mapped out a plan of action. I felt confident that we were in good hands.

When it came to getting things done, Jermaine and Deshawn were lightning-fast. They worked like a well-oiled machine, removing water, drying out the affected areas, and making sure there was no chance of mold creeping in. It was amazing to see them in action, using their fancy equipment like true pros.

What I really appreciated about these guys was their professionalism and respect. They treated our home like it was their own, taking extra care to protect everything from further damage. And they were always happy to answer any questions we had, no matter how silly they seemed.

So, if you ever find yourself in a water damage pickle, do yourself a favor and call up SERVPRO. Ask for Jermaine and Deshawn because these guys are the real deal. They made a stressful situation so much easier to handle, and their expertise and friendliness were a breath of fresh air. Hats off to you, Jermaine and Deshawn!

Deshawn, Chris and Juan came in for emergency and did a good job! Very informative and professional-

Deshawn, Debbie, Chris, Gio, Andre, April and Dayzha were an incredibly professional, efficient and informative team. In the midst of a profoundly distressing time, while dealing with the ramifications of a flooded kitchen, SERVPRO came right in and immediately preformed mitigation services to take care of our home. They answered many, many questions to help us understand the process. They were speedy, thorough and all the while very kind.Their patience and diligence were greatly appreciated, and we will recommend them to anyone who finds themselves in this most unfortunate circumstance.
Deshawn went above and beyond to give us wonderful customer service. We feel very fortunate to have found SW SERVPRO!

Deshawn and April were professional and explained our problem in a way that was easy to understand.

Deshawn & Debbie were super fast & help me out super fast and completely thorough! Couldn’t be happier!

We had a major flood at our house while we were out of town. It was a nightmare. I'm so glad we called SERVPRO to of Southwest Portland. They did a great job keeping in touch with us while we were gone and taking care of all the cleanup. DeShawn, Debbie, Juan, Gio, Chris, Jorge, Jermaine, were a fabulous team. I spoke with Jermaine and DeShawn the most and they were extremely thorough and made me feel really great about the work they were doing.

All of the staff was excellent including Shannon, Doreen, Merissa, Jose, Brandon, Humberto, Debi, and Juan.
They all provided great customer service , were professional and kind throughout the entire process

Great people got the job done quickly and communicated with us shout out to the team Jose , chris , Debbie , makayla , Pedro

Really great and professional and they were quiet and let my baby nap.

Brandon and David helped me.

The crew was great from the very start - Daniel explained the process, scheduled the various aspects of the job and was very professional. I appreciated every member of the crew. They included, the project manager, Daniel, and also Kevin, Brandon, David and Juan. Daniel was available to answer questions and was very helpful with all my concerns. They all had a great work ethic and were careful with everything they handled when my things needed to be packed & moved. Their work was “above and beyond “

Deshawn, Travis, Caleb, Jermaine and Jahir Great company, highly recommended.Extremely professional and customer oriented!

DeShawn & Makayla were great and very responsive. They seemed through.

DeShawn, Makayla, Brandon, and Jermaine really made a huge difference in our home. Waking up to water pouring out of the ceiling is very stressful and overwhelming however the crew at servrpro really saved the day. They made everything so smooth and explained it all on the way. Everyone was so kind and helpful too! I am so glad we called them to fix our home! They did a great job and would recommend.

DeShawn Gio and Jermaine - Everyone has been so great during the repairs to my grandma’s house! Super nice, very responsive. Would definitely hire again!

Deshawn, Makayla, Brendon, Jermaine and Jahir all did an excellent job working at our house.

I had a refrigerator delivered and installed by the supplier and while they were tying in the water line they snapped the valve off the pipe resulting in my kitchen, living room, and hallway to become flooded. I made a call to SERVPRO to come out and identify the extent of the damages and Shawn and Jermaine were there within 24hrs. They were very professional and took the time to explain every detail of what they were doing and looking for. At the end of the inspection, Shawn gave me the peace of mind that I shouldn't be seeing any growth but advised on some preventative measures that I can take to ensure that there isn't any future growth. This was the first time that I have used SERVPRO and will recommend them to everyone.

DeShawn, Germaine and Gio did a very good job for us. They were communicative and prompt. They were careful to explain things and worked with our adjuster and insurance to make sure everything was complete.

Deshawn did a great professional job explaining what us going on.

Deshawn and Makayla were awesome! They definitely know what they are doing. Very professional and will call them if the need every arises.

DeShawn and Kevin were a pleasure to work with when assessing my attic and crawl space. They called ahead with their arrival time and were very professional and polite. They also did a great job of preparing and cleaning up after themselves.
Well done Gentlemen.

Deshawn, Debbie, Jermaine, Makayla. Tyler, Humberto, Gio, charlie, travis, caleb and Trevor all did a great job for us.

Deshawn Blakey was the man! He made the job great. Without him the job would not be done yet. He out hustled the rest of his team. The other members were professional and kind, but they lacked the hustle and expertise needed.

I highly recommend SERVPRO to anyone looking for someone willing to solve your problem. When needed they arrive quickly, mitigate the situation then restore the area damaged quickly and completely. Rest assured that if your problem is an issue that they deal with they will be your best option to get you back to normal ASAP. Thanks to Jose, Charlie, Humberto, Juan and Germane.

DeShawn, Makayla, Travis, Geo and Jermaine enjoyed the service and professionalism.

Deshawn, Makayla, Jermaine, Charlie, Geo and Tyler. Deshawn as the lead did an awesome job in coordinating, explaining the job and following up. In today’s climate it’s not easy to find workers who care.I was extremely pleased with all of the efforts from the entire crew. Loved the personal care and respect for my property. Will certainly recommend SERVPRO to others in need of restoration service.

We had a water leak from 2nd floor and it impacted to 1st floor and garage (unfortunately, it happened during 2 days when we went to a camping). After checking with Insurance, looking around for some services, I did read some Google reviews and made a move with SERVPRO. I believe that is a great decision during a fluctuate and stressful time. SERVPRO came very quickly and had a great mitigation plan. I dont remember all team member's names but Shawn was the great guy, Jermaine and team did very tough, diligent work. All related jobs were done professionally, nothing to complain about it. Thank you for doing a great job! I hope SERVPRO still keeping the high quality work and maintain the reputation to serve their customers and communities better and better in the future.

Deshawn answered all my questions and was thorough and responsive.

Jose and his team were great. Very professional and helpful. They helped ease a stressful situation.

We had a water leak in our attic that ended up collapsing the ceiling below.
SERVPRO was great to work with. They showed up quickly and their team of guys,
DeShawn, Tyler, Travis and Jermaine were able to get the damage removed and the space dried within a couple days. Very professional. Communication with them was great. Thank you for showing up and doing a great job!

Deshawn,jermaine,makayla They were very kind to help me out.

DeShawn was amazing! Kevin was helpful.

SERVPRO was great to work with - DeShawn was incredibly helpful and explained every step of the process. In a situation that I know nothing about, DeShawn and SERVPRO instilled confidence and trust.

I had an after hours emergency with a leaking washer that lead to water leaking from the upstairs laundry room, behind the wall, and through the kitchen roof on the first floor. DeShawn's team, which included Makayla and Jermaine, responded swiftly to my call and handled the cleanup faster than I could have ever anticipated. I could not say enough good things about SERVPRO and this team and how thankful I am to have had them answer my call.

DeShawn came out to do an inspection for a leak we had. He was very diligent and inspected all of the areas in our home for water damage. He had wonderful advice and was very professional. We will ask for him by name the next time we need to use SERVPRO.

DeShawn, Jermaine and Makayla Responded to our emergency immediately. Very professional and easy to work with. Overall job was excellent.

I am extremely pleased with the service from Deshawn Blakey.
He was especially kind and informative. I appreciated his help very much.

Had a great experience with the local SERVPRO team after a water inlet broke. My insurance contacted SERVPRO and Jose was the first point of contact. He reached out 9pm at night ready to come inspect, but we both agreed the next day would be fine.

In the following days, Jose and his team (Travis, Hunter, Charlie, Geo, and Jermaine) made detailed inspections, installed equipment, and followed up daily on progress of drying my floors, walls and ceilings. They brought in a testing service to ensure there was no asbestos before removing flooring and we're back the next day.

In the end, I'm confident the affected areas are dry and free of potential mold. All that's left is some repair and construction to do. I would definitely invite SERVPRO to assist again on the future.

We worked with a great team including Hunter, Shawn, Travis, Jermaine, Makayla and Geo. They were courteous, knowledgeable and answered all of my questions. I particularly appreciated Hunter’s insight and advice throughout the process. His communication skills are top notch!

Debbie, Hunter, Jermaine, Makayla and Travis were all amazing and wonderful, very professional and helpful. The answered all my questions and explained what they were doing as they went along. They were kind to my dog and he enjoyed their company.

I had my septic back up into my house. Damage to wood floor. They responded immediately and checked for dampness under the floor even crawling under the house. Jose Rivera and Denise Willis very professional, answering all my questions and concerns.

DeShawn Blakey, Jermaine and crew did a great job on my water damage problems. On time, professional, and good to work with. I would use again.

I cannot say enough about this company…they are incredible. I had a water leak running into my crawl space after the huge rain storm yesterday. Called them immediately….they were at my home within 30 minutes. Daniel inspected the problem and told me his crew would be here in the am to take care of everything. The crew was Tyler and Bruce. Very polite and it was obvious they wanted me to know that all will be taken with one day and explained everything they were prepared to do…wow!!!
They placed plastic and heavy paper from the front door to the entry in the crawl space. They then placed plastic over the entire entry hall so the front door space so that no cold weather would be able to enter the rest of my home while they were doing their job. I have used SERVPRO a number of times when there was an issue. Don’t bother calling other companies….they play with the numbers and try to upsell you. This company lets you know everything that needs to be done and completes it as promised and you would never have known they were at your home.

Ann Margaret, Tom and Ryan did a wonderful job in cleaning up water damage in midnight. They were all very responsive and did a thorough job. I really appreciate their timely help in an odd time.

The team did an excellent job cleaning crawl space with massive amount of water. They were good to explain everything .. helped coordinate with insurance .. referrals to other services outside of what they could do .. followed up today to repair an outside vent on the job that was done a while ago! Very responsive and we're out in one day to fix! I highly recommended this company!

The SERVPRO Team Was Great!
Everyone at SERVPRO provided excellent service from start to finish when we had a recent water issue. Debi was out within two hours of my call to survey the damage and provide an estimate by the end of the day. Tyler and his colleague were out the next day and worked a long day to get the bulk of the job done, returning the next day to follow-up on any loose ends. All the prep work before and clean up afterwards was impeccable. Tommy was extremley diligent and helpful in helping us get reconstruction work done quickly, and all the staff at the office were helpful I’m dealing with our insurance company, billing, etc. All in all a great experience, and highly recommended. Thanks to all for the great work!

SERVPRO did an excellent job in mitigating the flood damage in my home. They responded immediately where as other companies had a month long waiting list. I am taking care of my 96 year old mom and we needed the heating system up and running asap! That is what they did! Within the week they had removed the heating ducts, sprayed disinfectant and began the drying process under the house. The following week the heating ducts were replaced. During this time they provided a professional heater which heated my home efficiently even with a cathedral ceiling over the great room. SERVPRO worked with me and the insurance company to keep within my budget. Thank you so much !!

I had a water damage, & SERVPRO came up to clean up the water & did a good job
This crew did a excellent job.very helpful

SERVPRO came to my aid almost the next day..I had no idea of what to do..I called on a Monday morning and SERVPRO was there that next morning to take a look at my situation. Ann the tech assured me not to worry..They could have it dried out and my vapor barrier removed in a short time .SERVPRO also informed me that they could replace the vapor barrier after things got dry.The next day and then her crew showed up with all their gear and looked at my situation and realized I had bigger problems than I could have hoped for..My water is seeping in from somewhere else so I pumped it out and they proceeded to go down there and start removing the vapor barrier after a while I realized this was a futile attempt because the water was still coming in..The fact that they were willing to keep removing the barrier regardless just showed effort for Ann and her crew..These people are on their hands and knees in a crawlspace in mud removing plastic..It just showed a lot of heart anyway my problems never did get solved but it was no lack of effort on SERVPRO’s part..I also appreciate the compassion SERVPRO had for me because I was in dire straits and not in a very good mood ....They treated me and my house with respect as if it were their own..

I highly recommend SERVPRO to anyone looking for someone willing to solve your problem. When needed they arrive quickly, mitigate the situation then restore the area damaged quickly and completely. Rest assured that if your problem is an issue that they deal with they will be your best option to get you back to normal ASAP.

Water damage from an overflowing downspout was quickly and efficiently taken care of. Tenant was pleased with the final look and elimination of all odor from the water in the carpet.

Daniel, the owner, was very responsive to my request for diagnostic and remediation help with a relatively minor, by most standards, (but still a major problem for me) water damage issue in my kitchen. I was extremely appreciative of his personal attention and his flexibility in getting to me within hours of my call, despite the fact that the company had bigger emergencies to deal with at the time. He put my mind at rest as to the severity of my problem. He knows his stuff and made my whole unpleasant and unexpected emergency a far less stressful experience. Very kind man, calm, empathetic and a pleasure to work with. I will definitely call again if I ever have another issue that SERVPRO SW can help with.

I just wanted to say thank you to Tom, Travis and Nathan! Their team helped us through the process to clean up our home's water damage. They make a stressful situation...a little less stressful. I also appreciated that they were always on time and treated our house like it was their own. Thank you!

Tom from SERVPRO was great to work with.

Tom and crew were the best part of my hot water heater leaking 40 gallons over the basement. Nice, good people. There is a reason SERVPRO has such a good reputation. There was a kerfuffle with my insurance. (Farmers). Ginny at SERVPRO was amazingly nice. And, she is VERY patient. It took a LONG while, but, ends up all right.

Tom from SERVPRO was great to work with.

I just wanted to say thank you to Tom, Travis and Nathan! Their team helped us through the process to clean up our home's water damage. They make a stressful situation...a little less stressful. I also appreciated that they were always on time and treated our house like it was their own. Thank you!

Jose Rivera and his crew Shied, Hunter, Shane and Ryan were fantastic! Gave them all goldstars!

Daniel, the owner, was very responsive to my request for diagnostic and remediation help with a relatively minor, by most standards, (but still a major problem for me) water damage issue in my kitchen. I was extremely appreciative of his personal attention and his flexibility in getting to me within hours of my call, despite the fact that the company had bigger emergencies to deal with at the time. He put my mind at rest as to the severity of my problem. He knows his stuff and made my whole unpleasant and unexpected emergency a far less stressful experience. Very kind man, calm, empathetic and a pleasure to work with. I will definitely call again if I ever have another issue that SERVPRO SW can help with.

Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness. Words to describe SERVPRO of Southwest Portland.

Water damage from an overflowing downspout was quickly and efficiently taken care of. Tenant was pleased with the final look and elimination of all odor from the water in the carpet.

Nick and George performed an inspection of the crawl space of my rental house for standing water because of a plumbing problem. They took tons of helpful photos showing some maintenance repairs that need to be done but discovered there was no standing water at all. Their inspection was thorough and they were very professional and knowledgeable. I would use them again in a heart beat! Thanks Nick and George!

The speed and helpfulness of Troy and Debi at SERVPRO were unbelievable. We had desperately been mopping our finished basement floor for days, searching for someone with an opening to come fix water leaking in through the exterior foundation wall. A leak detection specialist had diagnosed our problem as a groundwater pipe penetration leak, which would require masonry work and/or waterproofing. We contacted multiple businesses that provided such services, but they were all booked up for weeks and weeks in advance. When we called SERVPRO and talked with Troy, he noted that although they didn't do that kind of work, one of his coworkers (Debi) was a thorough and insightful troubleshooter. Debi came out after regular hours that same day and meticulously looked at all the clues. After some investigation, she concluded our problem most likely was a plumbing-related issue after all. She suggested we turn off our water at the street overnight to see if we had any leaks. No leaks appeared the next day, so she was correct. In addition, before she left that evening, she also contacted a colleague and identified a plumber who would help us. With a correct diagnosis, we now are addressing the real problem. Troy and Debi were life savers!

I was shocked to find my finished basement 3/4 covered in water. Fortunately I found SERVPRO of Southwest Portland who were just amazing at all stages of the clean up/dry out. Debi with her team (Devin, Tyler, Travis and Jason) explained what they would do/quoted me a price and then worked quickly to give me my sanity back! It was overwhelming at the start but I now have a dry basement being put back together and am so appreciative of her expertise, patience, easy to reach and fabulous follow through! I referred to them as the dream team at some point and really did find them to be that as well as the folks back at the office. It's good to know that such conscientious and talented folks are in our area!!! 3/24/21

Debbie and Devon and their team did the first part of my water damaged basement with amazing results! I've already written about their wonderful work. This review is for the two gentlemen, Jose Rivera and Humberto Rivera. They worked as a great team moving very heavy furniture out of my dinning room back into the basement. The basement had been newly painted due to the needed repairs and not a mark was left by them trying to squeeze large pieces around awkward openings! They were wonderful and their work was much appreciated.

Troy, Jose and Shane came after hours to assess, clean up, and mitigate the damage in my flooded basement. They were kind, courteous and efficient. Troy followed up with me the next day, then Tom came out twice that week to check the equipment and assess the progress of the “drying out” process. He, too, was very kind and helpful. They are also working my insurance company to process the claim. All in all, I was pleased with and appreciative of their expertise and great customer service.

José and Shane were wonderful, super efficient. Made us feel comforted and helped us through our crisis.

Amazing people and service. Prompt , polite, professional, great communication. Highly recommend.

Great crew, we worked with John, Tom, Troy. Safe and efficient. Did the job quickly and well.

Water damage fixed! John and the SERVPRO team were nothing short of pleasant and professional. Having water damage in your home is never cool but somehow this disruption and inconvenience was made greatly minimized by the confident, competent and friendly crew. Thanks for making my house livable again!

Outstanding job helping us respond to extensive water damage to hardwood floors, basement, crawl space in our home. Responded quickly in emergency situation; thorough, empirical testing for damage; secured home while demolition and drying work was underway; helped coordinate with insurance company; responded immediately to questions and concerns. Troy was fantastic. Highly recommend.

I highly recommend SERVPRO SW. I manage an apartment building in the SW and they have been very helpful each time I have needed assistance. One time they had to remediate a big flood from one of the apartments . They came to evaluate the day I called, kept me informed, and got the job done well and as quickly as possible. The other time I called SERVPRO, I anticipated needing a similar service with removal of baseboard, holes in walls, and noisy fans. Although they are fairly priced, I was still not looking forward to this unexpected expense. Instead, Josh did not recommend any action from them. He did however spend some time with me on the phone to help inform my next actions. I appreciated his honesty and knowledge. It saved me time and money and I will always recommend this service provider.

Josh Jensen at SERVPRO was very professional. He absolutely went above and beyond during trying times to evaluate my property for water damage, adjusting his schedule on short notice. I highly recommend his team at SERVPRO.

Thanks to Chris, Ann Margaret, Antonio, Dillon and Ansar for giving me such care and concern for helping us get through our plumbing leak. You made the clean up so easy. As a Realtor I would definitely call SERVPRO again should I need them.

Thank you to the SW PDX SERVPRO team. Dillan, Ian, Ansar and Christopher. You all were professional, enthusiastic and caring about our home and you all worked hard to resolve our issue. I will recommend your team to anyone. Mike Stack

Ansar and Gabe were awesome!! Steve was great too! Everyone was very helpful throughout the entire process!

No one hopes or wants to need to call someone to pull water out of there house, but life happens. We had a dishwasher decide it didn’t like us anymore and SERVPRO was on it. They were fast and efficient and their team was incredibly helpful, knowledgeable and friendly. Special shout out to Daniel and Dillon who came in the middle of the night to help us out.

This company was the third company to come out and give me their estimate. They were professional from start to finish. Steve answered ALL of my questions, gave me everything in writing as requested and their estimate came in lower than all the others. Ansil and Dillon were cheerful, efficient, and very professional throughout. They even suited BACK up just to take extra photos for me to assuage any concerns I had. I highly recommend them.

Great customer service. Dillian Mattice and Steven Coleman was super nice and the best!!

We have used SERVPRO a couple of times and as usual, they never disappoint with their amazing customer service. From the first phone call to the end when Dillon Mattice and the rest of the crew wrapped us up, they were courteous and patient with us during this highly frustrating situation of not having use of our bathroom from water damage. They will be the first I will call if we need them to restore the peace. Don’t hesitate to do the same. Thank you, SERVPRO.

Excellent service. Very professional and efficient

Nick and George performed an inspection of the crawl space of my rental house for standing water because of a plumbing problem. They took tons of helpful photos showing some maintenance repairs that need to be done but discovered there was no standing water at all. Their inspection was thorough and they were very professional and knowledgeable. I would use them again in a heart beat! Thanks Nick and George!

Within four hours of our boiler relief valve failing, and the flooding that followed, SERVPRO had cleaned up the water and installed fans and heaters to dry out the house. Because they were so fast, they limited the amount of damage and were able to save our beautiful cherry hardwood flooring. Josh and his crew kept us updated and informed throughout the entire process, and they were always energetic and positive. We are so glad to have had their help!

Did you know there’s water pouring out of the wall in your bathroom says my friend. Egad! Found the leak and called State Farm and they gave me some names for companies to call for assistance. I selected SERVPRO Southwest Portland. From the moment their crew chief, Debi, walked in with a plan to tackle the job I felt relief and good about my decision to select them. Debi consulted with me to plan the coming process, Tom was great about getting the equipment for their work in place and working. Chris kept tabs on the humidity levels. They all pulled together and make a great team.

You guys did a very good job of doing minimal demolition and saved us a bunch so I really appreciate that. Thank You.

Ted Jackson 3 reviews

5 days ago- Incredible service by Daniel, Jose', and the rest of the team. Flooded basement was quickly pumped out and dried. Damaged files were salvaged. Thanks guys!

We came home from work one evening to find our front yard flooded. It turned out that our irrigation system had ruptured where it intersected with our main water line. We called SERVPRO and they were on site within 30 minutes. Daniel was able to stop the flow of water and assess the damage to our home. Unfortunately, our entire crawlspace had flooded with over 10k gallons of water. Daniel was able to setup pumps that cleared the water overnight. His team then came back twice over the next week to ensure that we were dry and to help us identify which contractors we should reach out to in order to repair the damage. Thankfully, the damage was minimal! We are so thankful that SERVPRO exists and extra thankful that Daniel and his crew were friendly and calming during a stressful time for our family.

We had a plumbing disaster in an upstairs bedroom...water raining down through the ceiling, down the steps all the way into the basement.  We called our insurance and they immediately said they would send SERVPRO over.  Living in the hills, our road was unplowed and there were several stuck cars but, that did not stop Daniel and his team from getting to our house.  Two sets of tire chains and they were up our hill and at our house!  They immediately assessed the damage and set up their drying system on our wood floors, plugged in dehumidifiers and took samples for asbestos testing.  Once the test results came back they were able to set up fans to help with the drying system.  Throughout the week, Daniel and his crew of Charlie, Haley, Randy and Melinda came by every day to check on the drying process, remove drywall and carpet. Each time before they left, they always cleaned up and, even when the roads were heavy with snow and ice, they still managed to get to us.  Now, we are in the process of getting bids on the work needing to be done.  However, we are very pleased with the initial care and work that SERVPRO SW did and we are hopeful they managed to rescue our flooring from further damage.  I am sure we will continue to have contact throughout the restoration process, but, thank you Daniel and all at SERVPRO!  You put our minds at ease during a frantic, stressful time in our house and you took care of us as if it were your home.

Daniel and his team provided reliable, professional remediation after I had water damage from a condo above me. Highly recommended!

SERVPRO came to the rescue after a leak under my bathroom sink ruined my vanity and floor. Melinda was amazing throughout the dry out process and checked in after the repairs were complete. I highly recommend this team!!!!

I could not be more impressed with Daniel and the SERVPRO team. I had a major flood with sewage in my basement and they took care of absolutely everything efficiently, thoroughly and quickly. I happened to be leaving town the day after it happened and they took care of everything so I had peace of mind on my trip. On my return I met the team in person and was even more impressed with how pleasant and professional everyone was. Having never gone through this before I wasn't sure what to do but they took care of everything including communicating with my insurance company and the environmental group for asbestos removal. I wish there was a rating higher than five stars!

Insurance coverage is limited for flooding related to sump pumps.  We estimated our out-of-pocket expense could have been in excess of $30,000 to replace the carpeting, pad and much of the furniture.  Due to the efficiency of Daniel Spark and his SERVPRO of Southwest Portland employees,  all furniture was saved and our insurance covered nearly the entire cost of their services.

Daniel Spark and his staff are competent, efficient and operate with integrity.  We have high expectations when hiring professionals.  Our expectations were far surpassed.